Prepping for Next Week: Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking

I try to do at least one thing during the weekend to make my life for the next week.  This weekend it’s freezer cooking.  If you’ve not heard of this concept before, it’s where you do cooking and/or prep work for several meals at once and toss them in the freezer.  Sine you do all the prep for several meal sin one day,  it ultimately reduces the time you spend in the kitchen.

Freezer cooking kind of sucks on the day you are doing the prep work, but I usually forget what a pain it was when I’m not spending half and hour in the kitchen right after I get home from a long day.  When I keep up on this, I’m far less likely to resort to takeout. During particularly busy times, I sometimes even buy pre-cut veggies or those “recipe beginnings” frozen veg things in the freezer section.  Don’t feel like you have to do it all.   I always buy pre bagged salads.  It’s a standard side in our household.

This upcoming week is a holiday week, so I will not be making as many meals as I might have on an otherwise normal week. However, it’s even more important that I prep for next week because our routine is disrupted.  We don’t have school on Monday, and we will be visiting family, so preparing for a stress free week is going to be even more important.

Here’s a peek into our (pretty small, since we are going to be with family part of the time) menu:

Meal 1:  BBQ Chicken, cornbread, salad

Meal 2: Beef Stroganoff served over mashed cauliflower, side salad

  • This is another Instant Pot meal that I got out of the Instant Pot cookbook.  Like the chicken, I will get everything cut up and in a gallon ziplock bag, then dump it in my Instant Pot on the cooking day.

Meal 3: Pulled pork quesadillas, black beans, salad

  • This is using a previous “make ahead” meal- we have leftover pulled pork in our freezer.  This quick and easy meal uses leftovers and does not take a lot of mental bandwidth to cook.

Lunch this week is tuna cheddar chowder. (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)  I often make a big batch of soup and freeze it in individual portions for lunches.  I put the portions in labeled ziplock bags and freeze them flat on a cookie sheet.  Once they are frozen, I put them away upright. I have a container like this one in my freezer for my freezer meals.

Freezer meals do not have to be complicated to be delicious.  Do yourself a favor and prep some flavorful meals to look forward to.  Take some stress off of future you!

Do you freezer cook?  What’s your favorite dish?  Share in the comments! 

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